Monday, 1 January 2007

I'll Always Be Right Here - Music Video


Music by Michelle Branch. Just a little music video I cooked up while waiting for the finale. Its two way though here, those that like the romantic pairing can take it that way, those that just like the friendship can take it that way. :) Enjoy, and comment!

IM Conversations: Where? (13)

Gwen: I can't sleep.
Ianto: Me neither, Owen and Tosh are still here.
Gwen: I'm sorry I wanted to stay but....
Ianto: Rhys we know.
[Enters Owen]
[Enters Tosh]
Owen: His hand... The hand in the jar.... its gone.
Tosh: Where did it come from?
Ianto: Fell from the sky Christmas, 2005.
Owen: He never lets it go, he'd risk hell on earth for it.
Gwen: It has to be to do with that.
Ianto: When it fell to Earth, it was the day of the Sycorax invasion.
Owen: Everyone going wild in the streets, stuck on the rooftops.
Gwen: I should know I was one of them.
Tosh: And Harriet Jones. She kept calling for someone, UNIT were going crazy trying to find him.
Ianto: The doctor.
Gwen: Oh my god..
Tosh: What is it?
Gwen: I asked him, I asked him what the one thing would be that would have convinced him to open the void..... The right kind of Doctor.
Owen: But who the bloody hell is the doctor?
Gwen: I don't know, but that's where he'll be, it has to be right?
Tosh: How are we going to find him, there's nothing.
Ianto: Harriet Jones.

IM Conversations: What's going on? (12)

Owen: What's going on Tosh? You two are back and Jack's acting like I've ended his world.
Tosh: Just leave it Owen.
Owen: Come on spill, its always bloody my fault, and for once I'd like to know why!
Tosh: Everything has to be about you doesn't it Owen?
Owen: Oh don't you start.
Tosh: Just go away Owen.

Im Conversations: Different? (11)

Gwen: Tosh?
Tosh: Yeah.
Gwen: Is it me or is Owen acting weird.
Tosh: Owen's always acting weird.
Gwen: No I mean, well a little creepy....
Tosh: What do you mean?
Gwen: Nothing. Just me and my stupid head again.
Tosh: Well if your sure....

IM Conversations: Bloody Madness (10)

Toshiko: I'm guessing that you had trouble with them then?
Ianto: You could say that.
Toshiko: How bad was it?
Ianto: Like animals in a zoo. They were getting excited over bananas.
Toshiko: They would have just come off rations, can't blame them.
Ianto: And that Emma, I think it was, enough chocolate in the basket to feed the ten thousand.
Toshiko: Girls like their chocolate Ianto, you should know that.
Ianto: Then she goes and says I'm like her mum.
Toshiko: Ha! Well you can be a little.... mumsy, not that that's a bad thing.
Ianto: Mumsy?
Toshiko: Forget I said anything.
Ianto: Musmy?
Toshiko: I have to go.
[Toshiko Leaves Conversation]

IM Conversations: Eugene (9)

Owen: Ianto that Eugene's been hanging around again, any chance you could get rid of him?
Ianto: Why would I want to do that?
Owen: Well.... Because we'll just get Jack to ask you.
Ianto: Jack said it brings some colour to the office, its not like he's in the hub with you is it? Can't you just ignore him.
Owen: Oh great.
Ianto: Are you sure your not just jealous?
Owen: Why would I be jealous?
Ianto: I have eyes and ears everywhere... :)
Owen: What do you mean by that?
Ianto: :)
Owen: That's not funny. Seriously what do you mean?
Ianto: Pleasant dreams Owen.
[Ianto Leaves Conversation]
Owen: Oh b*******.
[Owen Leaves Conversation]

IM Conversations: Mr Grumpy (8)

Owen: What's eating him?
Gwen: I don't know.
Owen: Someone should say something.
Gwen: Go on then Mr Macho
Owen: Maybe Tosh will....
Gwen: Chicken!
Owen: No wait, looks like Ianto's going up.
Gwen: Complete with Jack's coffee bomb no doubt.
Owen: How can he drink that stuff, its another to wake the dead.
Gwen: Great choice of words Owen.
Owen: Sorry. Didn't think.
Gwen: Doesn't matter. I hope he gets out of this mood soon, its giving the place bad vibes.
Owen: Bad vibes....? You've been hanging around here too long.
Gwen: Maybe. I need to go home get some shut eye.
Owen: He did tell you to go home.
Gwen: I know, I know...... You know I think Suzie said something to him, I could have sworn she was taking to him when I was starting to.....
Owen: What the big monsters are coming to get him?
Gwen: You really can be an ass sometimes Owen.
Owen: Sorry. Look how about I drive you home.
Gwen: I don't think Rhys will appreciate it.
Owen: Oh yeah. Go on, go home, I'll tell Grumpy that you were tired. Doctor's orders.
Gwen: Alright. See you tommorow.
Owen: Whatever you say sweet cheeks.
[Gwen Leaves Conversation]
[Owen Leaves Conversation]

"Ow! What was that for?!" Owen said as he rubbed his head, but he got no reply as Gwen smiled and left the office.